“Crises refine life. In them, you discover what you are,” Allen K Chalmers

They say, it is when you’re hitting the ground, that you can use it to spring yourself up.

In the current environment, where giving in to fears and apprehensions could be an easiest thing to do, the potential winners would be the ones who would not fall into ‘Possibility Blindness’. In every downfall, there lies a possibility of tightening your belts and rocketing up once again!

Here are few things that can help you to seek your balance and move forward much more confidently:

  1. Consolidate: Do not worry about what you don’t have or what isn’t working out. List down what you’ve achieved so far and be proud of the journey you’ve taken. Gather your strengths and strengthen your conviction — by remembering how have you come so far and the kind of challenges that you’ve crossed. Every new challenge is the step towards success — and to build on the foundations that you’ve created so far.
  2. Flip the Disadvantage: Where others see gloom, you may see an opportunity, if you look right. Out of 100 companies in Forbes annual listing of ‘America’s Most Promising List’ in 2014 — almost a third were actually forged during the worst financial crisis of 2008–09. It was the outbreak of SARS, that helped Alibaba on its path to become USD 470 Billion behemoth. Recently, a Chinese cosmetics company, Lin Quigxuan, had to close 40% of their stores owing to Covid-19 — the company asked its 100+ beauty advisors to become online influencers and advise people & friends — and this helped them to register 200% growth in sales as compared to last year. These entrepreneurs thus were able to quickly grasp changing market dynamics & consumer preferences — and adapted their businesses to leverage on these changes even before their competition woke upto it.
  3. Vibrational Manifestation: Our thoughts build our destiny — and it is during times like these that we need to be cautious and aware of are we under-valuing ourselves and our future by just engrossing ourselves in fears and gloom? ‘The Law of Attraction’ (You attract what you think the most) has today being proven beyond a doubt — and so your awareness of your thoughts would help you to pivot them and think about the future that you want to build. Keep building up the positive and successful scenarios that you want to genuinely build, think about solving & matching upto the consumer causes for which you started this entire journey. You may find this difficult — but even if you start to mentally replace one negative thought or thought of lack with thought of positive future and living in that aspired future — can start the change and send out positive vibrations to the Universe for you. One more thing which can help here is filtering what you consume — so try to stay away from potential negative information sources. They ain’t doing you any good.
  4. Don’t Undervalue Yourself: You are defined by your values — and you define these values by which you would stand up for. So whether you’re building your resilience, optimism, hope or you’re building fear, lack, failure — all eventually depends on You. Yes, it will test your conviction — but your ammunition is within you — your mindset, backed by positive evaluation of what you already have and how can you make the best use of it. You can shape your truth — when you’ve come so far on this path — why would you even think of letting go. Here’s a small video which emphasises on importance of defining your own value.

So don’t give up — and the path shall open up for you!

Wishing you all the best!

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