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Hi, I'm
Satish Kataria

Path Finder Coach.
Hustler. Investor.

and I've succesfully guided

25+Media Articles.
4+Industry Accolades.

In my career spanning 20+ years, I have always tried to follow my heart and have not shied away from taking career jumps to optimise my learning and be a trend setter. Needless to say, there have been times that I have failed – but I have taken it in my stride everytime and moved forward with my vision to inspire others and help them build their dreams.

Know more about me.

The Claim Your Path Program

Presenting one of the most intensive entrepreneurial coaching program, which would empower you to build & successfully claim your own path in a structured & proven methodology. This program blends together various elements as propagated by leading business coaches and personalised practical suggestions for your path and access to meet & co-learn with like minded Path Breakers with our Path Breakers Club!

Inner Core Strengthening

The most important change we all need to win, is changing and strengthening our inner cores. Here we learn your inner drivers, how can you mould them for a winners’ mindset and work on definitive tools to make your journey stronger.

Personalised Structural Guidance

We understand that each of the journeys and ideas are unique and that is where we offer personalised mentoring in all key business aspects – including financial structuring, market development and funding preparedness.

Soul Soothing

Soothing our souls and working towards inner spiritual delights is as important as any other success tools. Its here that we try to together work towards stronger peaceful inner transformation and learn some meditative practices for enabling continuous inner strength and oneness.

A 12 week immersive exercise – including two hour personal coaching every week by me and set of exercises. Plus access to Path Breakers Club.

The Path Breakers Club

The most immersive leadership coaching experience.

Presenting The Path Breakers Club – an unique gathering of like minded Path Breakers and Trend Setters – so that you cross-learn with all of them and multiply your chances towards success. Remember – more than 90% of your success is a factor of the company you keep – so choose to hobnob with path breakers!

  • Monthly physical meets – moderated by leading path breakers, entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Weekly virtual meets – discussing common experiences, practically implementing the course highlights, learnings and sharing course updates
  • Treading the Path worksheets + Updated leadership content
  • Complimentary Access to select books by globally renowned authors

Learn how our unique Claim Your Path program will give you an all round coaching and co-learning opportunity.

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